Vonia Ultima RJ Headset


This beauty just launched, the new noise reduction telephone headset is designed to remove noise, microphone is comfortable and convenient. Hands free born to you!


Product Highlights

  • Unique sound cavity before and after the design to ensure the eardrum from sudden noise impact at the same time.
  • Mi rod flexible adjustment; Mic boom can rotate 270 °.
  • Filtering out background noise in addition to the specially designed high frequency noise.
  • Kay fulla fiber wire.
  • The output is the ideal frequency response.
  • Advanced materials metal headband.
  • Noise cancelling Microphone
  • Has a soft sponge cushion to ensure comfortable wear throughout the day
  • Unique spoke design
  • Headsets compatible for Telephones and IP Phones
  • Available models in QD cord and without QD cord

Frequency Response (speaker)


Impedance (speaker)


SPL (at 1 kHz, 1 Vrms)

110 dB

Microphone Sensitivity

36dB + 1dB

Noise Cancelling


Frequency Response (microphone)

80 ~ 6000Hz

Impedance (microphone)

2.2 KΩ


IP Phones & Basic Phones

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